Test Bench and Measurement Technology

The engines on the test bench are equipped with extensive measuring technology that enables us to measure and record a wide range of parameters at various points:

  • Thrust
  • RPM 
  • Pressure ratios
  • Temperatures
  • Fuel consumption (Coriolis mass flow meter)

This gives us all the information we need to make accurate statements about the thermal efficiency of our gas turbines and their components. The instrumentation (equipping the engines with sensors) and also the measurement software (LabView) are continuously being developed.


The following engines are available for test runs and work

TJ70/16 (glass combustion chamber)

  • Schub: 160 N
  • Drehzahl: 120.000 1/min
  • Gewicht: 1,67 kg

Wren 50i Turboprop (shaft power engine)

  • Shaft power: 5.6 kW 
  • Speed of core engine: 195,000 1/min
  • Output speed: 9,000 1/min
  • Weight: 1,7 kg

Wren MW54 Turboprop (shaft power engine)

  • Shaft power: 5.62 kW
  • Speed of core engine: 160,000 1/min
  • Weight: 2,3 kg