Yu Huang

Raum 02.9377.214

TUS2ESM Professur für Erdsystemmodellierung (Prof. Boers)

85521 Ottobrunn, Lise-Meitner-Straße 9-11

E-Mail: y.huang@tum.de


Research interests

I am interested in mechanisms, predictability and impacts of the extreme events and atmospheric circulations in the context of global warming. For some state of the art stochastic and dynamical approaches, such as deep learning, nonlinear time series analysis, causality detection, and climate networks, their developments and applications to better support climate researches are also attractive to me. My current research project is predicting climate changes based on the combination of climate models and deep learning. 


Additional information

Now I am a Postdoctral researcher based in the Earth System Modelling Group of Prof. Boers. I obtained my PhD in Meteorology at Peking University. I am also a Humboldtian by Humboldt Research Fellowship (awarded in 2022).