Keno Riechers

TUS2ESM Professur für Erdsystemmodellierung (Prof. Boers)

85521 Ottobrunn, Lise-Meitner-Straße 9-11



Research interests

I am a PhD candidate in the project ‘Tipping Points of the Earth System’ (TiPES) and therefore my research is centered around past (abrupt) climate transitions evident from climate proxy records. I combine a dynamical systems and stochastic processes perspective with statistics and Bayesian inference. In particular, so far I have been concerned with:

  • Data-driven reconstruction of dynamical systems
  • Low-dimensional conceptual modeling
  • Propagation of dating uncertainty
  • Bayesian inference of transition times and amplitudes
  • Early warning signal analysis.

I am based at the Potsdam Institute of Climate Impact Research and associated with TUM as a guest researcher.

Publikationen 2022

E. Myrvoll-Nilsen, K. Riechers, M. Rypdal, N. Boers: Quantifying dating uncertainties in layer-counted paleoclimate proxy archives, Climate of the Past

K. Riechers, T. Mitsui, N. Boers, M. Ghil: Orbital Insolation Variations, Intrinsic Climate Variability, and Quaternary Glaciations, Climate of the Past 18, 863-893