Application of Fluidmechanic Calculation Methods for Flight Propulsion

Winter term

Lecturer: Dr.-Ing. Nina Wolfrum

Target Group:

  • Students of aerospace and other master's degree programs in mechanical engineering.

General information:

  • Module with 3 ECTS
  • Lecture (2 SWS) in winter term


  • Review of the basic equations of fluid mechanics
  • Overview of calculation methods used in turbomachinery
  • Introduction to S1 and S2 methods
  • Methodical basics of blade and annulus geometry generation
  • Introduction to 3D CFD methods of multistage turbomachinery
  • Imortance and implementation of turbomachine-relevant meshing aspects and meshing techniques
  • Turbomachinery-specific boundary conditions: Wall treatment, non-reflecting edges, rotor-stator interface
  • Turbulence and transition modeling in the context of multistage simulation
  • Interdisciplinary CFD aspects: Flutter and forced-response evaluation of blades, heat transfer calculations
  • Frequency domain methods for transient treatment of flow in multi-domain arrangements
  • Post-processing of result data from steady-state and time-accurate engine simulations
  • Introduction to numerical optimization and probabilistic appreaches
  • Introduction to Lattice-Boltzmann methods


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