Summer Term

Lecturer: Dr.-Ing. Christian Helcig

Assistents: Carlos Mendoza & Hulusi Damgacioglu

Target group:

  • Students of all disciplines in the Master's program without special prior knowledge in the field of turbomachinery whereas prior knowledge in thermodynamics and fluid mechanics is recommended to have.
  • Students who would like to get an overview of the field of fluid dynamics and turbomachinery.
  • Attendance of this lecture is especially recommended if the subject of study includes energy conversion in working and power machines with turbomachinery.

Important note:

Students with previous knowledge, e.g. from the Bachelor lecture Fundamentals of Turbomachinery and Flight Propulsion, are recommended to attend the lecture Aerodynamic Design of Turbomachinery and other special lectures in the respective Master's program.

General information:

Master module with 5 ECTS
Lecture (2 SWS) in the summer semester
Exercise (1 SWS) in the summer semester


  • Introduction / classification of turbomachines and turbomachine components
  • Fluid mechanical and thermodynamic aspects of turbomachinery
  • Energy conversion, Euler equation, velocity triangles
  • Thermal and hydraulic machines
  • Operating behaviour: Characteristic curves and maps
  • Application examples such as gas turbine, steam turbine, turbocharger etc.

Contact: VL-TM.ltf@ed.tum.de

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