Design of a Fuel Cell Hybrid Drive System

Industrial Project

Short Discription

Greener flying is increasingly playing a greater role in public awareness and is part of research worldwide. Through the Flightpath 2050 targets, there is a concrete effort to reduce the environmental impact of aviation. In this context, the fuel cell is considered a promising concept for the future.
Within the framework of the doctoral thesis, the potential of a fuel cell hybrid drive for aviation is to be investigated. In doing so, different hybridisation degrees and flight missions will be investigated and evaluated in a multidisciplinary way. The aim is to identify for which area of application and for which class of aircraft a fuel cell drive makes sense.

Project Targets

  • Determination of the potential of a fuel cell (hybrid) drive for aviation
  •  Investigation of the mutual influences on the design of the fuel cell (hybrid) drive and the aircraft
  • Identification of the optimal field of application for a fuel cell propulsion system in aviation


MTU Aero Engines