"International Forum on Urban Digital Twins" at Munich

The ‘International Forum on Urban Digital Twins’, organised by the City of Munich along with the Chair of Geoinformatics at the Technical University of Munich, was a one-day event that focused on the role of Urban Digital Twins in today’s cities. Cities across Europe – London, Munich, Helsinki, Barcelona, etc. – presented their take on what Urban Digital Twins mean in the context of their cities.

Prof. Dr. Thomas H. Kolbe also presented at the forum, a gist of the work being done at the Chair of Geoinformatics summarised as ‘Key Elements of Urban Digital Twins’.

The presentations were followed by the interactive and innovative BARCAMP sessions where the participants broke off into groups to discuss specific issues pertaining to Urban Digital Twins from various perspectives. Our staff members, Marija Knezevic and Bruno Willenborg, hosted two such sessions ‘An extended catalogue system for the management of urban digital twins’ and ‘Municipal heat planning (Kommunale Wärmeplanung) with Urban Digital Twins’ respectively.

More details on the BARCAMP sessions can be found on the website here. Overall, the event was well-attended and proved to be a great start to the 18th 3DGeoInfo International Conference at TUM Garching in the following days.