Maja Schneider chosen as one of 15 Women Shaping the Future of Earth Science

Radiant Earth Foundation (REF) has selected Maja Schneider as one of the 15 Women Shaping the Future of Earth Science. The list was released on March 8, 2023 in celebration of International Women’s Day.

Source: Radiant Earth Foundation

Working towards a more inclusive and diverse Earth Science community, Radiant Earth Foundation has chosen and recognized 15 exceptional women from different parts of the world who have shown not only innovative research but also, transcended boundaries in Earth science. This year, they featured women “who have demonstrated a commitment to transparency, collaboration, and the free sharing of scientific data, methods, or results in their work.”

As such, one of the chosen women by the REF is research associate, Maja Schneider from the Chair of Remote Sensing Technology. 

“As a dedicated researcher, Maja has made significant contributions to the field of ML4EO. She has published her research in several reputable journals and conferences, demonstrating her ability to tackle complex challenges and provide innovative solutions. Her work uses ML to improve our understanding of the world, particularly emphasizing climate change, agriculture, and natural resource management.”

Schneider’s research project is EuroCrops which is a collection of datasets that consolidated freely available agricultural datasets from countries around the European Union.