Chair of Remote Sensing Technology

A cooperation with the German Aerospace Center

Information and knowledge from remote sensing data

  • Satellite- and Airplane-based Earth Observation
  • Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) and SAR Interferometry
  • High Resolution Optical Image Interpretation
  • Hyperspectral Earth Observation
  • Estimation Theory
  • Sparse Reconstruction and Compressive Sensing
  • 3D Reconstruction
  • 4D Motion Detection
  • Data Fusion
  • Computer Vision
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning

Recent Publications

  • Marszalek, Michael; Körner, Marco; Schmidhalter, Urs: Prediction of multi-year winter wheat yields at the field level with satellite and climatological data. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 194, 2022, 106777 more…
  • Kraft, Basil; Jung, Martin; Körner, Marco; Koirala, Sujan; Reichstein, Markus: Towards Hybrid Modeling of the Global Hydrological Cycle. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 36 (6), 2022 more…
  • Reuss, Joana; Pascual, Guillem; Wenzek, Hagen; Seguí, Santi: Sequential Models for Endoluminal Image Classification. Diagnostics 12 (2), 2022 more…
  • Wu, Sidi; Liebel, Lukas; Körner, Marco: Derivation of Geometrically and Semantically Annotated UAV Datasets at Large Scales from 3D City Models. International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR), IEEE, 2021 more…
  • Schneider, Maja; Körner, Marco: [Re] Satellite Image Time Series Classification with Pixel-Set Encoders and Temporal Self-Attention. ReScience C 7 (2), 2021 more…