Simulation of Composites

The practical training "Simulation of Composites" provides theoretical and practical content for modeling and simulation of the virtual manufacturing process for composite parts. The entire process chain is considered which consists of draping, injection and curing/ distortion simulation. The individual units of the practical training are each divided into theoretical and practical parts. In the theoretical part the basics of the respective modeling / simulation will be developed through interactive lecture, to be applied in the practical part. The application is on a PC with commercial finite element software (Abaqus, PAM-RTM).

The objective of the practical training is the acquisition of the skills to set up and run models for draping, infiltration and distortion simulation. During the course the virtual process chain will be applied for a use case form the aeronautic industry.

Supervisor Dennis Bublitz, M.Sc.
Cycle SS
Type Practical Course
ECTS-Credits 4
Max. number of participants 16
Exam obligation to attend, written exam
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Documents Moodle.TUM (requires registration).