Carbon and Graphite - High Performance Materials for Key Industries

The lecture will give an overview on the most important industrial carbon and graphite based materials, such as natural graphite, expanded graphite, amorphous carbon, synthetic graphite, carbon fibres, and carbon fibre reinforced carbon, etc..

Beside the physical and microstructural properties the major raw materials, production technologies as well as the major field of applications of the carbon based high performance materials will be presented.

Examples for such field of applications are: Carbon electrodes for the production of silicon, graphite electrodes for steel production, amorphous carbon as furnace lining material in blast furnaces, fine grain graphite and carbon fibre reinforced carbon for the solar- and semiconductor industry, nuclear graphite and graphite specialities for chemical process technology, engineered carbon and graphite powder for batteries, expanded graphite for the sealing industry, carbon fibre reinforced composites for light weight construction.

Additionally, at the last session a short insight regarding to more modern carbon modification like nanotubes, fullerenes and graphene will be presented.


Cycle WS
Type Supplementary Course
Exercise no
ECTS-Credits 3
Exam written
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