Public Projects of Research Group "Simulation"

Ongoing Projects

• COOPERATE – CO2-neutral, lifetime-optimised, short-fibre reinforced thermoplastics for dynamic applications
• Deepflow – Development and processability assessment of a new recycling Sheet Molding Compound material with numerical endorcement
• HANT – Highly innovative antenna technologies for new space applications
• HyDDEn – Hydrogen Demonstrator and Development Environment
• SensoTwin – Sensor-integrated Digital Twin for High-Performance FRP Applications
• SMILE – Sensory Motor Interface for Lower Extremity Exoskeletons


Finished Projects

• 3DP-MAT – 3D Printed Materials for Aerospace Toolings
COMBO3D – Composite Mould Tool Based on 3D Printing
• FogeLRaP – Development of a filling strategy optimization for a true to dimension lightweight RTM tool using process simulations
• GFK-CureWave – Development of a process for microwave curing of fiberglass composite components
HySTHra – Hybrid SMC-TFP Rear Frame

• LEEToRB – Lightweight, Energy-Efficient Tooling for the Manufacturing of Rotor Blades

• MAI Design – Fiber- and Production-Ready Design and Dimensioning of Components from High Performance Composite Materials
• MAI Form – Improvement of the Predictive Power for Forming Processes of Composite Materials with Thermoviscous Properties in Large-Scale Production by means of Better Characterization, Simulation, and Validation Methods
• MAI Hiras + Handle – Development of a Continously and Dynamically Loaded Component of a Vehicle Structure from Thermoplastic Carbon Fiber Composite Material and Exemplary Realization of a Motorcycle Rear Wheel Rocker

• MAI Multiskelett – Multiaxially Loaded Integral Part Manufactured by Plastic Injection Molding with Load Path Optimized, Pultruded Endless Carbon Fiber Bundles in Skeleton Structure

• MAI TAI – Tools for Accelerated Industrialization
ProTHiC – Process Simulation and Tool Compensation Methodology for High Temperature Composite Processes
• Rapidskelett – CFRP skeleton construction through additive manufacturing
• TransHybrid – Hybrid Joining Technologies for Lightweight Design in Transport Applications

TRANSITION – Tool-Part-Interaction simulation process linked to laminate quality