Public Projects of Research Group "Material Behavior and Testing"

Ongoing Projects

• BERTL – Battery Wing for Electric Regional Transport Aircraft
• DigitalRecycle - Digitized material cycle for the additive manufacturing of recycling-optimized moulding tools
• WindEis – Development of control arms printed with continuous fiber reinforcement including integration of sensors for online monitoring in operation


Finished Projects

CraCpit – Research on the Crashworthiness of Sailplane Cockpit Structures
• DEfcodoor – Development of an Ecologically Friendly Final Consolidation Step Using Thermoplastic Fibre Placement for a Helicopter Door

DeMAnD – Dynamic Aircraft Material Property Database

• ENGINEERED – Development of a phenomenological material model for simulative description of the post-fracture behavior of composites
• GreenCarbon – Conversion of CO2 in polymers and carbon fiber based lightweight materials for the aerospace, automotive and construction industry - New ways to integrate lightweight materials to realize a climate-centered energy transition
• MAI Plast – Development of Cost-Efficient Production Technologies for Automated Processing of Thermoplastic High Performance Composite Materials for Large-Scale Production Scenarios
• Robust Skin – Simulation-based research into a material and process solution for damage-tolerant hybrid materials consisting of flexible foils and local reinforcement structures
• TransHybrid – Hybrid Joining Technologies for Lightweight Design in Transport Applications