LCC supports student group Impetus

In addition to teaching, the task of a chair is to drive technology forward and transfer it to industrial applications. When all three of these tasks come together, it's simply great. Since 2015, we have been working on the topic of 3D printing in research projects with a focus on understanding materials, process control and modeling, from desktop printing to large-scale printing.

Student associations set accents through the application and inspire with motivation. The Impetus student group is building a boat to compete with other university groups in the 1001 VELAcup. We support them with the technologies available at the chair.

The mold for the hull of the boat was printed last week on the printer available at the chair. The four individual pieces are joined and milled together to form the final shape. The application in the tool area is a way for fiber composites to generate added value.

We wish Impetus continued success with the completion of the boat.