Master's Thesis at the Carbon Composites Chair: Successful Implementation of Innovative Ski Concepts

At the Chair of Carbon Composites, a significant success has been achieved: Two dedicated students have completed their master's theses and practically implemented their theoretical considerations in ski construction. The two students delved deeply into potential lightweight construction concepts for ski building and developed innovative concepts for improving ski components. In the first step, the ski construction was defined through various simulations with the aim of reducing weight. Subsequent global and local topology optimizations in the ski core further reduced weight and optimized binding integration. These ideas have now been realized in the form of a demonstrator ski. The successful completion of the master's theses underscores the important role of the Chair of Carbon Composites as a center for advanced research and practical implementation. This achievement will not only advance the understanding of carbon composites in ski construction but also inspire future students to tackle the challenges at the intersection of materials science and engineering.