New project “HyDDEn” has started

Fig.: Prototype concept for conformable pressure vessels [TUM-LCC, Polymers4Hydrogen]

The project “Hydrogen Demonstrator and Development Environment – HyDDEn” has been launched at the Chair of Carbon Composites. This project is dedicated to the development of a hydrogen hybrid power supply for the AREA research drone. The task of the LCC is to design, design, manufacture and test a hydrogen pressure tank that conforms to the construction space. An increased utilization of construction space leads to a higher tank volume and thus also to an increased range of the drone. An optimized tank design can also improve the drone’s aerodynamics and thus reduce power consumption. The absorption of additional bending loads in the tank and the simultaneous minimization of weight for aviation applications are the main challenges of this project. The following development steps are planned:

  • Concept development and evaluation
  • Preliminary Design
  • Detailed Design and Simulation
  • Manufacturing of prototypes
  • Validation with blast-test, Integration into the AREA drone and ground test

The HyDDEn project is being worked on in collaboration with the Chair of Helicopter Technology (HT) at the TU Munich. The project is funded by the Bavarian Ministry of Economics as part of the Holistic Air Mobility Initiative.

Contact LCC:
Christian Jäger, M.Sc.

Contact HT:
Victor Zappek, M.Sc.

Colin Bosch, M.Sc.