Dr. rer. nat. Marcus Langejahn

Room:  240 (Ottobrunn)
E-mail: marcus.langejahn(at)tum.de
More information: LinkedIn


Curriculum Vitae

  • 02.2023 - present: Science Manager for ML4Earth
  • 11.2021 - 04.2022: Coordinator DFG Research Unit FOR 5195 “Relativistic Jets in Active Galaxies”
  • 04.2013 - 08.2022: PhD Program and Teaching Assistant, University Würzburg, Chair of Astronomy
  • 04.2013: Diploma Physics, University Würzburg

Research interests

Observational astrophysics: mainly hard X-ray properties of beamed Active Galactic Nuclei

(Science) Communication

Awards (and grants)

2021: Award for excellent media didactics, awarded by the Bavarian Virtual University

2019: DLR grant 50OR1607

2017: DLR grant 50OR1709

2013: DFG funding of PhD Thesis (Graduiertenkolleg 1147/1)

Key publications

  • Langejahn M., Kadler M., Wilms J., et al., 2020, “Hard X‑ray properties of radio‑selected blazars”, A&A, Vol. 637, A55
  • Beuchert T., Rodríguez‑Ardila A., Moss V.A., et al., 2018, “Extended X‑ray emission in PKS 1718‑649”, A&A, Vol. 612, L4
  • Krauß F., Deoskar K., Baxter C., et al., 2018, “Fermi/LAT counterparts of IceCube neutrinos above 100 TeV”, A&A, Vol. 620, A174
  • Ahnen M.L., Ansoldi S., Antonelli L.A., et al., 2017, “First multi‑wavelength campaign on the gamma‑ray‑loud active galaxy IC 310”, A&A, Vol. 603, A25
  • Kadler M., Krauß F., Mannheim K., et al., 2016, “Coincidence of a high‑fluence blazar outburst with a PeV‑energy neutrino event”, Nature Physics, Vol. 12, 807
  • Krauß F., Wilms J., Kadler M., et al., 2016, “The TANAMI Multiwavelength Program: Dynamic spectral energy distributions of southern blazars”, A&A, Vol. 591, A130
  • ANTARES Collaboration, Adrián‑Martínez S., Albert A., et al., 2015, “ANTARES constrains a blazar origin of two IceCube PeV neutrino events”, A&A, Vol. 576, L8
  • Krauß F., Kadler M., Mannheim K., et al., 2014, “TANAMI blazars in the IceCube PeV‑neutrino fields”, A&A, Vol. 566, L7