Research project "MAI ACoSaLUS" successfully completed

The research project "MAI ACoSaLUS" was successfully completed at the end of 2023. In collaboration with partners GKN Aerospace, Cevotec, SGL Carbon, and Augsburg University, the Chair of Carbon Composites reflects on a successful project period.
Over the past three years, the focus has been on the "exploration of automation techniques for the efficient production of composite sandwich components using new and evolving processes, methods, and materials."
New materials, including 50K-TowPreg and prepregs, were developed for the manufacture of sandwich structures. Various fiber placement techniques, such as Fiber Patch Placement, and different AFP manufacturing processes were analyzed for their suitability in producing sandwich structures. The process and structural behavior of sandwich structures produced with Fiber Patch Placement were digitized and simulated. Different inline quality assurance approaches for Fiber Patch Placement and 3D-AFP were developed and implemented.
A patented method for transporting, positioning, and fixing core materials was developed. Solutions for automating process steps such as vacuum setup and component demolding were devised. The suitability of various manufacturing routes was successfully demonstrated in a demonstrator phase.
An example of an automated manufacturing route for sandwich structures pursued at the Chair of Carbon Composites can be seen in the video. Here, sandwich structures were produced with a Coriolis Automated Fiber Placement system at the Chair of Carbon Composites.
We express our gratitude to the Bavarian State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development, and Energy for their support.