New project „Deepflow“ has started

Steering pins with wet fiber scrap in the winding process [Kohlenia]

The new project „Development and processability assessment of a new recycling Sheet Molding Compound material with numerical endorcement - Deepflow“ has started at the Chair of Carbon Composites. The project is going to be pursued with the partners apppex Product Development Prototypes Parts GmbH from Munich and Kohlenia S.R.L. from El Talar in Argentina. The goal of the project is to develop a new Sheet Molding Compound made of recycled carbon fibers and its automatic production. Additionally its processing shall be investigated. In order to keep the production costs and the variability of the material low an automatic chopping unit will be developed for a fast and precise production. Furthermore, this prevents the already impregnated scrap from curing, as the time between the processing steps is not too long. To prove the processability of the material, a demonstrator shall be produced with a newly developed tooling technology. This technology will allow the integration of UD tapes, which widen the application spectrum of the new material. For an efficient and economic optimization of the process and the avoidance of process-induced defects, simulations will be performed. A material card showing the high variability of the raw material will be defined. The rheological behavior will be investigated with a newly developed test bench.

The new project is funded by the International Central Innovation Program for medium-sized enterprises (ZIM International) of the Federal Ministry of Economical Affairs and Climate Action.
Contact LCC:
Anna Julia Imbsweiler, M.Sc.