Workshop „A Simple Introduction to AI” at LCC

Artificial Intelligence has seen a rise in interest not only in the scientific community but also in a broad range of society. Everybody is talking about Large Language Models like ChatGPT or Diffusion Models like Stable Diffusion. As impressive as these models are, even very simple methods of Artificial Intelligence can be used to benefit scientific research.

The Topic Field Artificial Intelligence, Digitalisation and Online Process Monitoring of the Chair of Carbon Composites, represented by Alexander Seidel and Fabian Diemar, hosted a one-day workshop with the title “A Simple Introduction to AI” to tackle the most-basic topics for understanding and getting started with AI algorithms.

The workshop already took place the second time. Whereas on the first occasion, only researchers of the chair attended, the workshop was now also open to students, and the interest was very high. The workshop aimed to create a low-threshold offering for people to get started with Artificial Intelligence, so key aspects of the workshop were:

•    a general introduction to AI (What is AI?, history of AI, capabilities and limits, ethics and trust),
•    the theory behind AI for classification using neural networks,
•    an introduction to programming, data manipulation and machine learning with Python (Scikit-Learn),
•    a group work to create a neural network for classification using Python and
•    applications of AI in the composite sector.

We want to thank all participants for their interest and motivation to dive deep into the world of Artificial Intelligence. We are looking forward to the next occasion where we can share our knowledge of AI with partners from academia and industry.