First prize in the Hyperview Challenge

We are proud to share that the EagleEyes team, composed by Ridvan S. Kuzu, Frauke Albrecht (Helmholtz AI @ DKRZ), Caroline Arnold  (Helmholtz AI @ DKRZ), Roshni Kamath  (Helmholtz AI @ FZJ)  and Kai Konen  (Helmholtz AI @ DLR)  won the first prize of the Hyperview: Seeing Beyond the Visible Challenge on predicting soil properties from hyperspectral satellite images, organized by KP Labs, ESA and QZ Solutions.

The developed solution will be launch to space in 2023 on-board Intuition-1, a 6U-class satellite mission designed by KP Labs to observe the Earth using a hyperspectral instrument and an on-board computing unit capable of processing data using artificial intelligence in orbit.

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