Technical University of Munich, Institute of Astronomical and Physical Geodesy

Dr. Thomas Gruber, Dr. Detlef Angermann, MSc Martin Willberg, MSc Xanthi Oinonomidou

Tasks: Project Management, SAR Positioning, Reference Frames and Standards, Synthesis of Results and Recommendations

German Aerospace Center, SAR Signal Processing Department

Dr. Ing. Christoph Gisinger

Tasks: SAR Data Analysis & Value Adding

Finnish Geospatial Research Institute of the National Land Survey of Finland

Prof. Markku Poutanen

Tasks: Infrastructure, SAR Targets

Lantmäteriet - Swedish Mapping Agency, Department of Geodetic Infrastructure

Dr. Jonas Ågren, Dr. Faramarz Nilfourousha, Dr. Andreas Engfeldt 

Tasks: GOCE based Geoid Computation

Space Research Centre, Polish Academy of Sciences, Planetary Geodesy Department

Prof. Dr. habil Jolanta Nastula

Tasks: Geometric Positioning

Tallinn University of Technology, Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture, School of Engineering

Prof. Dr. Artu Ellmann

Tasks: Tide Gauge Data Analysis

Metasensing BV, The Netherlands

Dr. Adriano Meta

Tasks: Consultancy SAR Transponders