IP1: Improved Tidal Dynamics and Uncertainty Estimation for Satellite Gravimetry (TIDUS-2)

PIs: Maik Thomas (FUB), Denise Dettmering (DGFI-TUM)

Short description

In continuation of the first phase, this project will synthesize a new global tidal atlas that is based on empirical EOT results for partial tides with a high signal-to-noise ratio well resolvable from satellite altimetry, and explicit representations of all other relevant ocean tides including over- and compound tides from the unconstrained numerical ocean model TiME. This will require refinements of the EOT estimation strategy (e.g., estimation of smaller constituents, regionally densified grids in coastal areas, consideration of effects from internal tides) and also further developments of the TiME forward model (e.g., energy dissipation processes in shallow water, inherent nesting). IP1 will also revise the modelling of the ocean load tides by considering anelastic effects in both mantle and crust.

Research Objectives

  1. Quantify model uncertainties and impact on satellite gravimetry products 
  2. Improve EOT and TiME and implement interfaces for their combination by data assimilation
  3. Enhance modelling of load tides by considering anelastic effects
  4. Evaluate and validate EOT and TiME solutions for optimal use in gravity field processing


  • Upgraded uncertainty estimates as input for improved gravity field modelling
  • New combined ocean tide atlas for all major and relevant minor ocean tides