Qualification and Study Programme

Qualification programme:

Main goal: enabling doctoral researchers

  1. to do outstanding research embedded in an internat. Environment
  2. to finish their dissertation within a time window of 3 years
  3. to prepare them optimally for their professional career in research or the private sector by shaping individual professional profiles 
  • Potential professional fields: climate & energy, aerospace and automotive industry, (re-)insurance companies, HPC
  • QP based on the best practice example of the TUM Graduate School
  • Enhancing existing infrastructure by additional RTG-specific elements
  • Tailored qualification program for Post-docs

Study programme

The study program consists of 12 credit points (1 CP = 30 hours net workload).

Module elements:

  • Kick-off seminar + annual retreats (2 CPs, compulsory)
  • RTG-specific lectures (2 CP = four courses compulsory, further eligible)
  • Guest lectures (1 CP per semester)
  • Visualization and simulation lab
  • International workshops (2 CP per workshop)
  • Field trips and excursions (1 CP per trip)
  • Transferable skills (überfachliche Schlüsselqualifikationen) (2 CP compulsory)
  • Project team meetings

It will be individually designed between the doctoral researcher, the main and co-supervisors and the mentor as part of the supervision agreement.