Individual Projects of Phase 2

IP 1:

Improved Tidal Dynamics and Uncertainty Estimation for Satellite Gravimetry (TIDUS-2)

PIs: Maik Thomas (FUB), Denise Dettmering (DGFI–TUM)

IP 2:

Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation: Inferences from Satellite Gravimetry and Numerical Ocean Models (AMOCING)

PIs: Henryk Dobslaw (GFZ), Michael Schindelegger (UBN)

IP 3:

High-Resolution Atmospheric-hydrological Background Modelling for GRACE/GRACE-FO – regional refinement and validation (HIRABAM-2)

PIs: Petra Friederichs, Jürgen Kusche (UBN)

IP 4:

Near-real time, Long-term, LRI and SLR combination aspects (NELOS)

PIs: Natalia Panafidina (GFZ), Thomas Gruber (TUM)

IP 5:

Improved Stochastic Modeling in GRACE/GRACE-FO Real Data Processing 2 (ISTORE-2)

PIs: Roland Pail (TUM), Frank Flechtner (TUB)

IP 6:

Climate Signals from GRACE/GRACE-FO and Next Generation Gravity Missions (CLISGY)

PIs: Annette Eicker (HCU), Roland Pail (TUM)


The figure below shows a generalized overview of the processing architecture of temporal gravity field models based on GRACE and GRACE-Follow On data, as well as the contributions of the IPs to elements of the architecture as modified from phase 1 to phase 2.