IP3: High-resolution Atmospheric-hydrological Background Modelling for GRACE/GRACE-FO – regional refinement and validation (HIRABAM)

PIs: Petra Friederichs, Jürgen Kusche, Andreas Hense, Michael Schindelegger (UBN)

Mercator-Fellow: Anna Klos (MUT)

Research Objectives

  1. Create consistent global data set of short-term atmospheric and hydrological mass variations with higher temporal and spatial resolution over Europe
  2. Study GRACE/GRACE-FO sensor data level improvements with this hybrid data set, and Level-2 product improvements by comparison with independent data
  3. Evaluate the results from (2) with respect to independent constraints on atmospheric/hydrological mass variability for use in future reanalyses


  • Quantification of spatial and temporal atmosphere signal that is currently not considered in GRACE data analysis
  • Generation of ensemble of uncertainty, propagated to sensor level
  • Validation of gravity models and impact assessment for atm. data assimilation