Master's Thesis

  • Shu, Natalia (2020): GRACE and GRACE-FO Accelerometer data transplant. Technical University of Munich
  • Bolmer, Elke (2021): Reconciling GRACE/GRACE-FO data and background models with observations from superconducting gravimeters, Bonn University
  • Gärtner, Matthias (2021): Deep learning for recovering high-resolution terrestrial water, Bonn University
  • Schlaak, Marius (2021): Closed Loop Simulations on Recoverability of Climate Trends in Next Generation Gravity Missions. Technical University of Munich
  • Kalimeris, Grigorios (2022): Impact of GRACE Follow-On Laser Interferometer Data on the Static Earth Gravity Field. Technical University of Munich
  • Schawohl, Lennart (2022), Influence of GIA Uncertainty on Climate Applications from Satellite Gravimetry, HafenCity University Hamburg