Neighbourhood Demonstrators Phase 2 (N-DEMO2)

Neighbourhood Demonstrators Phase 2 (N-DEMO2) main objective is to accelerate delivery of sustainable cities by implementing large scale and systemic innovation. N-DEMO2 builds on the foundations established in N-DEMO on real-world urban test-beds to demonstrate, evaluate and facilitate integrated and pioneering ideas ranging from new approaches to governance and asset ownership to technological advances. By working at a neighbourhood level, identifying opportunities for added value where investments are being made, N-DEMO2 aims to optimise end-user involvement and to develop pilots which can be replicated or scaled up.


Cities offer many of the biggest challenges and opportunities in dealing with climate change. Sustainable and climate resilient cities require systemic solutions. These are extremely difficult to implement, requiring multiple parties to work together in new ways and are exacerbated by shrinking budgets, fragmented governance and often lack of clear leadership.

N-DEMO2 provides several urban test-beds in London and Berlin to demonstrate what can be achieved at a neighbourhood scale as a route to scaling up to city level interventions focussing on the built environment, infrastructure, and mobility. Two significant challenges will be addressed by demonstrating and evaluating climate relevant interventions for these systems:

  • the lack of tools to support integrated planning and investment decisions
  • the need for new business and financing models that enable partners to efficiently pool interests and deliver interconnected elements.

N-DEMO2 delivers innovation on three levels by identifying needs of local stakeholders and leveraging new and planned investments to support replicable, marketable models and technologies for low-carbon neighbourhoods. The project will:

  • Demonstrate at the highest level, systemic interventions for communities to develop leading climate-friendly European cities
  • Deliver tools to enable integrated investment and planning decisions when very little is available today, and test and refine global best practice in financial and business models for neighbourhood level solutions.
  • Support the development of technical innovations including climate envelopes, city level geothermal, smart grid and virtual power plant tools; and projects mixing technical and socio-technical innovations such as closed loop community and smart neighbourhoods.




Climate-KIC am European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT)


Robert Kaden


Prof. Dr. Thomas H. Kolbe


  • Robert Kaden
  • Maximilian Sindram
  • Zhihang Yao


  • Institute for Sustainability
  • Technische Universität Berlin (TUB)
  • German Research Centre for Geosciences (GFZ)
  • Poplar HARCA
  • Tower Hamlet Homes



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